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Do you have a question ? Well, you might find the answers here at the Frequently asked questions site. Here we plan to gather all the FAQ's of the Usenet channels, Internet, Computers etc.

By now we have Norwegian FAQ's only, but hope to come back with international FAQ's as well. Maybe you can help us ?

English Description Author
Java Faq Really great FAQ that answers the majority of Java programming questions Peter van der Linden
no.alt.katter FAQ for no.alt.katter  
no.bolig Peker om bruk av no.bolig  
no.general Grupper i NO.-hierarkiet  
no.linux Linux for noen hver  
no.multimedia Sanntids multimedia  
no.pc Hvordan finne PC programvare p nettet  
no.prat.aksjer FAQ om aksjehandel  
no.www WWW, HTML, CGI mm  
no.svar Introduksjon til no.svar gruppen  
no.svar Retningslinjer for no.svar  

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